You can Download Content for currently selected article, such as attachments, enclosures, or the full content.

Click Options in the menu on the left side of the Account Information screen.

On the Outlook Options dialog box, click Advanced in the left pane list of menu options.

Paste the URL into the edit box on the New RSS Feed dialog box and click Add. Change whatever options you want to change and click OK.

The RSS feed is added to the list of feeds and says “” because it hasn’t yet been updated.

Later, you will need the URL for the selected RSS feed page. On the Account Information screen, click Account Settings and select Account Settings from the drop-down menu.

On the Account Settings dialog box, click the RSS Feeds tab and click New.

Click Close to close the Account Settings dialog box.

The How-To Geek RSS feed is now listed under the RSS Feeds folder on the left. The articles from the RSS feed are displayed in the middle pane.

We have previously published an article explaining what RSS is and how you can benefit from it.