After five long years and six seasons, sadly came to an end, but the hype always stayed real.

In honour of the show's 10th birthday, here's a total run through of where every single one of your favourite Upper East Siders have been up to over the past decade. Blake Lively - Serena van der Woodsen After flouncing onto our screens as the troubled rich girl with a heart of gold, Blake Lively made a pretty damn good name for herself.

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Yep, it’s been just over a decade since we were first introduced to the scandalous lives of Upper East Siders on CW’s teen drama show. We all know GG was consumed with drama, but what many fans may not have known is that there was a lot of off-screen drama, too.

Some of the things that happened behind the scenes were way juicier than what happened on screen. When it comes to our fave TV shows, nothing gets better than hearing the juicy gossip surroundings its cast.

), but some co-star hookups have gone so far under the radar you never even realized they happened. In 2015, Spelling took a polygraph test and admitted that she had a romance with Green (who later married Megan Fox) and one other unnamed Beverly Hills, 90210 co-star during the show's run that she wouldn't cop to. Doherty and Priestley dated and apparently had some bad blood as recently as 2015, when Doherty accused Priestley of having memory loss about their time together on the show.

It's hard to believe that anything in Hollywood is kept a secret, but some of these hookups are so juicy and have been hidden so well, no one even knew they were a thing until years after the fact. Though Priestley later reached out via Twitter, and it seems all is well with these two. Fans of Dawson's Creek were thrilled that the show ended with (spoiler alert!

Afterwards, we excitedly obsessed over whether we were a Blair or a Serena, categorising ourselves over a penchant for headbands or a mysterious, bad girl persona.

The influence of the infamous lurking behind a screen was so real, that pretty much every school had their own wannabee rumour queen, operating through Bebo or MSN, trying and failing to get a decent scoop.

Even though it was one of the most family-friendly shows of its time, the stars of Saved by the Bell were just like any normal teenagers with raging hormones.

They apparently all hooked up at one point or another! I bet you didn't know these two were co-stars, let alone that they dated.

When actors are paired up together for a TV show or movie, they spend a lot of time together in production, while filming, and during promotional efforts after the shoot wraps.

It's no surprise that our favorite stars ultimately end up forging very close bonds — after all, most of us end up becoming close friends with people we spend most of our waking hours with every day, if we're lucky (you know those people, your coworkers), so it shouldn't be that different for Hollywood stars.

I was still very much a child [then], and this was more an amalgamation of a lot of different relationships and breakups I've had. Rumor has it, when Fox was on a break from long-term boyfriend turned husband Brian Austin Green, she cozied up to La Beouf between takes.