Microsoft Outlook and Google services synchronization will start automatically after you finish the Synchronization Setup Wizard.

We've had a lot of people complaining that a range of old appointments are missing from the calendar.

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I want them synchronized.” Scenario 2: “Till yesterday the contacts were getting synchronized with my device. All of a sudden, due to some reason the Black Berry device or Outlook does not show new contacts which have been added to either location.” While setting up your Black Berry device with Apps4Rent’s BES synchronization; you need to follow these configuration steps for contacts on your Outlook to sync with your device.

Please ensure that Black Berry Desktop Manager is installed on your PC.

If they are not in the Deleted items folder you won't be able to recover the items - you'll need to restore them from a backup file.

Typically, sync software defaults to syncing current appointments and deletes appointments older than a few weeks to conserve space, with a default setting of 60 days (8 weeks) or similar.

Set up a Google account on your Black Berry by following the Email Setup Wizard.

After you sync Outlook with Google and set up a Google account on your Black Berry you will have your Contacts, Calendars and Tasks synced.I managed to get the publish option to work, but only if the calendar was public. I also had to change the update frequency from the default option and added the published calendar to my send/receive groups. There's nothing sensitive in my calendar so publishing it isn't an issue, alternatively you can choose to publish only your free/busy information.Annoyingly where I work had opened up exchange access for non work phones, buy only for ios. Guess I'm stuck carrying my Blackberry during the week. I don't have anything sensitive in my calendar's just work stuff and minor personal appointments.Scenario 1: “I have enabled Black Berry from the control panel for my e-mail address. I can see that my mails are getting synced; however my contacts and other items like calendar did not sync. On a Blackberry, open the Calendar, press the Blackberry button to expand the menu and choose Options.