Nicey, Burgundy We're here at the far north-east end of the Côte d'Or département which is part of Burgundy, in short it is quite at a good distance from Beaune and away from the beaten path.

Lets start this Addis Ababa sex guide with the mongering before talking about how to meet single girls here.

If you locate yourself in Bole you are going to be in the right spot to find prostitutes.

All prices will be listed in Ethiopian Birr and you get 22.5 of them for every $1 USD at the time of writing.

The best thing you can do is go and pick up freelance prostitutes in Bole, particularly around Mickey Leland street.

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A well known spa is Pink Massage near China Road and it has a big green banner out front.

It will cost 200 for the massage and an additional 100 for handjob happy ending or 300 more for a full sex massage.

In fact one of the few expensive things you are going to find in town are taxis and you are going to have to negotiate hard to get close to a fair rate.

As long as you pick a spot in Bole you won’t be too far away from anywhere you need to go, and this isn’t the safest place to go exploring.

Whether you are looking to try to meet hookers or non pro girls you will not have any problems.