I saw them do a display last year, it was more like highland dancing than Irish.

(NT) -- Voyage to Ireland, Wed, Jan 17 2018, " If Erin was teaching at Halloran as a registered teacher and has now left to start her own school, there should be a one month free transfer period, but I have no idea what the circumstances are so I can't comment (NT) -- There are rules about school splits, Mon, Feb 05 2018, " Active kids NSW state gov 0 voucher -- Sharon (Interested), Sat, Jan 20 2018, " I was wondering if any NSW Dance schools are registering as providers so that parents can benefit from the 0 active kids voucher initiative to assist parents in the cost of registrations that the state government has intiatated ?

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I have three dresses that I desperately need to sell as I'm moving overseas in 6 weeks.

I have posted them on dance-again, Facebook pages and gumtree with little interest. [ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] Replies: Try Australian Irish Dance - For Sale on Facebook.

(NT) -- Good Luck., Thu, Jan 11 2018, " I believe the big school in Morriset has over 80 students !

Not CLRG though, and not any kind if Irish dance I have ever seen before.

(NT) -- -, Wed, Jan 24 2018, " My understanding is the second set of two dance are the alternate dances from round one.

So if we Jig and Slip Jig in the first round we will do Hornpipe and Reel if recalled.

Please feel free to ask questions, give advice and generally chat about anything to do with Irish dance. * Australian Irish Dancing Association New South Wales * Queensland * South Australia * Victoria * Western Australia *AIDA Australia * **To visit the 2nd Hand Irish Dance Shoes/ Australia Message Board**click here** * Swoose Irish Dance Photography & Live Feis Commentary Employment -- Connor Walsh, Tue, Feb 06 2018, " Hello everyone, I am writing this post to express my interest in becoming employed by an Australian Irish dance school and hope to start working in an industry that has played a huge part of my life.

I am 24 years old and originally from Nottingham in the UK, however, I moved to Sydney in 2016 on a working holiday visa and would love to stay permanently.

I am now looking to work with a dance school that could offer sponsorship and have found the following positions under the skills list on the Australian Government Immigration website; ANZSCO 211112 Dancer or Choreographer ANZSCO 249212 Dancer Teacher (Private Tuition).