If you are given a prompt stating Allow the Java plugin for your browser, click to allow it.

Next, another prompt will likely appear as shown below: Click Run to allow the application to run.

They may be the bane of your digital life, but software updates are crucial to staying safe online, whatever operating system is installed.

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First, find out if you have the latest version here.

Click the red Verify Java version box to allow Oracle’s website to find out if you have the latest version installed.

Otherwise, you'll be provided with an alert instructing you to download an up-to-date version.

If you're running Windows, your best bet is to open Control Panel and look for the "Java Control Panel" icon.

Once again you should click Allow to enable the website to see what Java version you are running.

Also, click Run in the following window to enable the test.

Conveniently, Oracle offer a set of straightforward uninstall instructions for users on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux distributions.

The exact steps required to uninstall Java seems to change each day.

If you're unsure about what version of Java you're running, or whether you've got Java installed at all, head on over to the Oracle verification page. You may be asked to allow a "Java Detection" applet from Oracle - click "Allow" to any prompts so your Java version can be checked.