Speaking to the paper, an insider revealed: 'They were really excited.'Both are pretty broad-minded, but even they admitted they'd never been to an erotic party in such sumptuous surroundings.'Both were giggling and loving the highly-charged sexual atmosphere.'This follows reports that Ruth is set to join Strictly Come Dancing later this year.At the beginning of July sources close to the show said the former Loose Women panellist finally agreed to join the hit BBC series when it returns to our screens this autumn.

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After stripping out of his robe and underwear, Harry performed a 'trick' with his genitals to try and entice the two ladies. While both Sam and Michaela appeared lost for words after Harry's X-rated display, Kyle couldn't hide his admiration.'Look at that, it's just like a bouquet as though you're getting married,' Kyle exclaimed.'How good is that girls!

'After Sam stripped out of her bra, Micheala was left to decide how much clothing she wanted to take off. I might take the bottoms off instead,' she decided eventually.

His other choice was Michaela, who revealed she never waited 'too long' to get naked with her date.

Harry struggled to chose which girl he wanted to take things further with, admitting he found both girls were 'just turn ons, they're both stunning'.

Keep a balance between score and romance, or just drop one and see what would happen?

There are over 10 story lines and will lead to more than 50 ends.After surveying both women Harry decided he would 'vibe more' with Micheala, but his female choice appeared interested in hanging out with Sam too and getting her in on any action.'I think that is happening,' Harry confirmed after some discussion, with the group deciding they would meet up later that night.It's the controversial dating show which pairs nude singles together.And on Thursday KIIS FM's Kyle and Jackie O Show upped the ante on their popular segment, selecting not one but two women for bachelor Harry to choose from.'I've been told I give a good lap dance,' he said, also revealing his package was roughly 'DVD remote' size.