Remember when he had an HIV test on Facebook Live, joined by the one and only Rihanna?

Just last month, he was chilling with Forever First Lady Michelle Obama in Chicago, specifically at Hyde Park Academy.

She has also eschewed much of the British upper-class etiquette (like not crossing your legs at the knee, for instance) that Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, followed to the letter for years prior to her engagement.

Yes, the man fifth in line to the throne was hanging out with Chicago Public Schools students on the South Side of Chicago. A very smart, talented, and philanthropic Black woman at that.

Simply put, Meghan Markle is going to make history.

(They filmed it in secret, to keep up the charade.) Twelve American women were shipped to a fancy estate in England, where they competed for the romantic attentions of a Prince Harry look-alike — except the guy is not Prince Harry, or even a titled cousin of Prince Harry.

They really don't even look alike (the dye job is all wrong): It seems impossible that these women — who care enough about royalty to be on a dating show — would believe he's actually the Prince Harry, so maybe it is just a general "I'm a prince! (From the official description: "An average English 'bloke' is given the royal treatment and an upper crust makeover before meeting 12 single American women searching for Prince Charming. And if he does, will they fall for the crown, or fall in love with the real him?

To put this in perspective, an American Black woman is about to join the royal family. And neither Meghan nor Obama have ever disowned their white side. And Prince Harry isn’t blind to the hatred: he shut down trolls in a public statement last year.

He comes from one of the most traditional families on the face of the Earth, but lately he’s been woke AF.

that dates back to Anne Boleyn when Henry VIII was considering marrying her,” said Harris, laughing.“There’s certainly Americans who’ve married into the aristocracy, but in terms of the Royal Family, the famous example is Wallis Simpson, who was considered an unsuitable queen by the standards of 1936 as she was twice divorced.

But social mores change over time.” Some of the most outdated royal rules had already been breached by William and Catherine, noted Harris.

If an engagement is announced, Harris predicted, her acting career may come to an abrupt end as she gets set to take on the official duties and travel associated with her new status.