So, I think I can honestly say I have a vast variety knowledge on You Tubers.

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He's going to be honest and keep it real, and also make you laugh at the same time.7.

The perfect combination of sassy, sweet, and badass, this SFX channel will teach you how to do glam makeup and turn it into gore makeup (heh, get the name now? Mykie breaks everything you'd ever need to know down thoroughly, so you'd know how to do it yourself, but I promise she keeps it interesting.

College Humor is fun and all, but if you’re looking for a new sketch comedy channel to get to behind, Chris and Jack is definitely worth your time.

Their sketches have such smart concepts, and their hilarious on-screen chemistry is the icing on the cake.

Must watch: MY FIRST KISSES If you were on Facebook sometime in the last month, you've probably heard the words of wisdom from Sailor J's Contouring 101 video.

"If you have too big of a brain," she says, with the sophistication of a 17th century duchess, "it means you have ugly things like opinions and thoughts of your own!

Thousands of people of all different ages, sexes, with different ideas and humor gather around this media hub to make people laugh, to have you go along with them in their daily vlogs, to educate you, to fill you in on the news, all in one place.

I think I log onto Youtube four (it might be more don't judge me, this is my version of spending hours on tumblr, people) times a day, with my other social media in the morning and before bed, and maybe once or twice between that on a usual, not busy day.

Birth Sign / Zodiac: Aquarius Place of Birth: New Jersey Nationality: American Educational Background: High School: She probaly attended high school in New Jersey where she grew up.