In addition, can I just say old man willakers was absolutely hilarious in this series and I would recommend watching his videos.

Season 14 featured two first timers in the form of Arkas and Vechs.

A coincidence (Not for Pyro) is that he also had the same fate again (Season 7 he was killed with Baj by Nebris and was 4th place and in season 12 he was 3rd because he was killed by Sethbling.

Once this was achieved, a PVP aspect was introduced into the event, which has remained the focus of it since.

Every member of the Mindcrack server has competed in an Ultra Hardcore.

Also Dinnerbone was present, making this his third season as a guest.

In this season they were in random teams of 3 with eternal day, and SHRINKING borders! The Witherboss, spawned at 0,0 through a $1000 donation. Team Orange: (Ander ZEL, Aureylian, Captain Sparklez, Syn HD) holds the record for the most kills in a single UHC along with the most consecutive kills.

The recipes for golden apples were also changed in vanilla Minecraft to that of those used in the mod, rendering the mod mostly obsolete.

A plugin for the server was also introduced and used in Seasons 14 and 19.

There were no guests this season and the mumble plugin, which was used in Season 14, was replaced with the usual group Skype call.

The season was started after April Fools Day, when Baj made his UHC 15 prank to tease his subscribers.

For this season they were using a Mumble plugin that allowed the players to hear any other players within their immediate vicinity.