There is a freeness there, an ease there, a unity there, that has made pursuing Catholic friends at this challenging phase of life, very much worth the effort. Interestingly, my Lenten penance and my goals have changed since my conversion.Lorelei is a passionate Catholic Convert, mom to three, and wife to one. Let me preface these remarks with an account of my bartering with God before my conversion, because this connects with the title.We can’t just go out to dinner with other adults without planning ahead for a sitter.

At that time I was a worrier–the future I foresaw was always gloomy, with the […] Fortitude. Are you strong in facing pain or soft and shrink from it?

On the other hand, are you reckless or foolhardy, putting yourself in situations you should not be in, doing things that you rightly ought to be afraid of?

EAST LANSING (MI) CNN January 30, 2018 By Eric Levenson (CNN)The legal reckoning with Larry Nassar's years of sexual abuse isn't over.

Nassar, the longtime former team doctor for USA Gymnastics and faculty member at Michigan State University, will return to court Wednesday morning for sentencing in Eaton County, Michigan, where he has pleaded guilty to three counts of criminal sexual conduct.

The virtue of fortitude means a […] At the very beginning of the new year, over 8,000 attendees, most of them young people from across the country, gathered together in downtown Chicago for the FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) SLS18 evangelization training conference. Larry Richards, the founder of the Reason For […] Our Lord said that He was “meek and humble of heart.” Matthew .

Mary sings in her Magnificat that “my soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord.” Luke . John the Baptist told his followers that “He must increase; I must decrease.” John . The couple I had at the time were (and still are) like gold to me.Since then, my husband and I have done a few things to help cultivate more Catholic friendships in our lives. In this phase of life with young kids, we are busy.But a 6.5 hour drive isn’t within the range you can invite someone over for last minute pizza.I tried to convince myself it wasn’t necessary to have friendships where you had everything in common. But, what I think I was really doing was trying to convince myself I didn’t need that many Catholic friends because I didn’t have them.The Michigan attorney general's office said 57 victims are expected to speak out in court about Nassar's abuse, according to Eaton County Court Administrator Beryl Frenger.