In August thousands more worshipful teens rushed a portable stage constructed for Perry's appearance and squashed each other like grapes.A dozen were rushed to a hospital, and anchormen around the country got to read droll copy like "A teenage crush turned into a crush of teenagers." "If they hurt each other," Perry says, "it's a bitch."The cause of all this flattering ferocity is the Fox television show , in which Perry portrays Dylan Mc Kay, ultracool high-school loner, AA member and, according to Perry, "staggering intellect." On the show, Perry and his costars Jason Priestley and Shannen Doherty deal with problems ranging from curfews to AIDS.

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As a result, Perry's gone from toiling in a doorknob factory ("I cleaned up, scraping up big fucking glops." he says, knocking an ash from his cigarette, "cleaned the acidic waste off the shit — it was horrendous, man") to being the subject of books like magazine).

He recently got the ultimate stud certification when he was linked in the tabloids with Madonna ("TV heartthrob Luke Perry is the latest hunk to fall into the clutches of man-eating Madonna," reported Overwhelmed by his new status as a sideburned sex symbol, Perry has sought guidance from someone who's been there.

When the show debuted on October 4th, 1990, most of the cast were in their 20s and destined to become teen idols.

Now, the Peach Pit gang is heading into middle age—Ian Ziering just hit the big 5-0 and Luke Perry isn’t far behind—but age hasn’t slowed them down. Like many childhood stars, her adult life has had plenty of crazy moments including on-the-set feuds and off-the-set romances.

' " Before the evening was done, Perry and Priestley had sung some slightly off-key backup to Jones, warbling "I Want You, I Need You" and "Love Me." "It was unbelievable, man," says Jason Priestley.

"I mean, what right did we have to be sitting there at a table with Tom Jones?

She left her husband of two years, writer/actor Charlie Shanian, for Dean Mc Dermott, her co-star in the Lifetime movie , a show which aired for five seasons on Oxygen, ending in 2012.

The couple has four kids together and had their share of highly publicized marital woes in 2014, including Mc Dermott’s reported infidelity and his stint in rehab.

However, clearly Anna Lynne did not want to take any chances first lathering herself in sunscreen, before enlisting the help of Angel to spray all those cheeky spots on her back that she just could not reach.

and the resurgence of nighttime soaps, there was a show about a bunch of “typical” California high school kids dealing with some seriously soapy dramas—infidelity, teen pregnancy, abortion, STDs, suicide, divorce, family secrets, eating disorders—oh, and let’s not forget, being busted boozing it up at prom!

Her character, Brenda Walsh, may have been demure, but Doherty eventually got axed from , only to get booted off that show for more co-star conflicts, this time with Alyssa Milano.