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I did try to make Magic be used by left click and right click, but it's impossible due to the limitations of TF2 and Sourcemod's API in connection with TF2. Equipping the minigun on Medic will put the medic into a reference pose because the medic doesn't have animations on spooling the miniguns like Heavy does, 2.

It's impossible to make the weapon invisible on Players side, and 3.

If Yes, how far can you increase it Can you reduce the building time for the dispenser? -organized (most) player based code into methodmaps as well as utilizing inheritance.

Idea is to have a "Heal Totem" that is builded in 5 seconds that cannot be upgraded or repaired and that have a moderate range. I apologize for reviving this thread but I'd like to announce that, since I've gotten more skilled with sourcemod coding, I've decided to come back and revive the RPGFortress mod! -new updates planned that are possible now that the code has been cleaned up more and organized.

The Sniper or Ranged figher got the lowest HP which is a bit strange since these guys are physical more active then a book reading mage. Since they need to cast their spells, there should be a delay before they fire it off.

A bit like when the soldier alt fires with the cowmelter, the movement speed goes down for 2 seconds and then he fires that minicrit "rocket".

Thats why i would like to know what things have changed. I'm going to be fixing some bugs and adding more Prayers to the menu.

I'm also renaming the mod to RPG Fortress instead of Runescape Fortress since the naming is causing alot of confusion so does anybody have any ideas I could use for the mod? With explanations like: Prayers reduce damagy by xx% and hold for y seconds.

The IP actual is Last time i played the mod it was pretty unbalanced.

Thats why i would like to know what things have changed.

Planned / Possible Future Updates () ~internal store for purchasing ammunition for respective classes.