Now, I’m probably not the best example of talking about which people are undatable due to attraction issues as I have high standards, but the sad fact is that 67-70% of people in the USA are overweight or obese. No one wants to marry someone that is overweight or obese.

Sure, some overweight and obese people do get married, but the simple reality is that both men and women want someone who is aesthetically attractive to look at.

It is extremely perilous for Christian women to ignore the fact that the nature of men that God created is to be attracted almost solely to physical appearance.

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In other words, become the ideal spouse of your ideal spouse.

However, it never hurts to be more attractive than required as that opens up more possibilities.

Only vague garbage like “don’t look at porn” or “don’t treat women this way.” This being the reason that I consistently harp on the fact that if you are eliminating something it must be replaced by something else.

However, men tend to be best when someone gets down in the dirt with them and walks life with them.

I am not discounting developing a godly personality…

but it is attraction that gets your foot in the door for women.

There are a lot of things this epidemic can be blamed on: * the ratio of males to females in the body of Christ is one reason; * the small size of the generation born in the late seventies compared to the baby boom of the early 80’s is another * and the “kiss dating goodbye” teachings of the 90s and early 2000’s where women were taught to never pursue or show interest in a man but just wait patiently is another.

[and] Reason #1- People underestimate the difficulties that singles face.

There is an interesting chart from the rules revisited on the modifiable aspects of feminine beauty.

I disagree with some of them categorizations as I probably know more about the human body than the author; however, the vast extent of physical appearance is changeable and can be attractive. The general theme that I always talk about is based on the law of the reciprocal.

The two main areas that I always suggest to women who do want men to “step up and lead” are: You really want to know why there are no eligible Christian masculine men?