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Różnorodność gatunków, zakresów wymiarów, rodzajów wykończenia powierzchni itd.

In a recent post, I shared one of my early online magazine columns from several years ago. alarm heralds a 15-hour workday, you have little time left for yourself, much less a partner. When most of your classmates are a decade younger than you, your dating pool automatically shrinks.

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My online profile says I’m an intelligent, attractive, ambitious woman. For now I’ve got medical school, and she’s a demanding mistress. I have occasionally posted the link to that column here on my blog.

I mention I’m a writer who wants to be wooed by words. I ask for a photo or two, , promising to return the favor. Otherwise, it would be a great match.) But I wanted you to know that your ad brought a smile to my face and gave me hope of finding someone decent on [this website]. But it dawned on me that those of you who read my blog might like to read these columns as well, and are unlikely to come across them unless I share them directly.

I put replies in folders so I can keep track of my suitors. ,” “maybe,” “nope,” “compliments,” and “LOL.” The most interesting responses usually don’t lead to dates. The messages in the “nope,” “LOL,” and “compliments” folders have taught me a lot. The “nope” e-mails are usually one- or two-liners like this: If you’re looking for a wordsmith, you skip past these. So here is the first column I wrote, published online on April 3, 2014.