Troubled Teen Helped Through Stay at Cross Creek - The Fenton home of Phillip and Linda Canup and their son, Christopher, who turned 18 in June, is peaceful. In fact, it had been the reverse for several years, dissention, shouting, holes punched in walls - chaos.The Canups agreed to tell their story in order to help others, those parents and teens, who don't know where to turn.Even with all our extra training we have come across some that need more than just the love and safety of a stable home.

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But out of their grief has come a new state law that may help prevent such tragedies in the future.

The Michigan Legislature approved and the governor last week signed into law House Bill 4375, which amends the Revised School Code to encourage school districts to educate students and personnel about suicide and depression.

It offers real solutions and presents these solutions in a way that the youth can both understand and remember.

Why Try emphasizes a character education program that consists of ten visual analogies (pictures) that relate to specific problems and special challenges that at risk youth face in their every day lives.

My wife and I do not know where we would be today without having found this organization.

It would be our pleasure to talk with other struggling parents and share our experience.In other words, schools are being told that students come to them with many challenges and it is up to the schools to work together with parents and communities to try to help their students overcome those challenges and achieve educational success.On this page you will find articles related to the educational success of "at risk" children.Even though the handbook was originally targeted at journalists, it should be of interest to anyone who wants to learn where to find more information about one of society's most troubling problems.The National Dropout Prevention Center (NDPC) begun in 1986 to serve as a clearinghouse on issues related to dropout prevention and to offer strategies designed to increase the graduation rate in America's schools."At risk of future failure" is a common phrase used to describe students who face difficulties known to interfere with their educational success.