The only problem might be living up to the high standards when you inevitably go on further dates; such fine dining comes at a price!Good place to meet for a first date: 7/10 You might foot yourself quite a bill before you’ve even gained a number if trying to pick up a date in this restaurant.

Average cost of a meal and a drink: You’d better wait til pay day to take your date to China Doll, as at around $100 a head to go all out on this extravagant meal you aren’t going to escape the price tag.

However this healthy bill guarantees five star treatment from the attentive staff, freshly cooked Asian delights from scallops to steak, and glamorous cocktails that will really make the evening sparkle.

Type of cuisine: China Doll prides itself on its freshly fused flavours that represent the very best in Asian cuisine, drawing from China, Japan, South East Asia and beyond.

Oh yes, this isn’t just your average egg fried rice, expect exquisite delicacies and powerful flavours that will make your taste buds tingle and turn the heat up for your hot date.

China head dolls are usually unmarked, some may have a mold number or doll makers mark on the back of the neck or on the shoulder plate, thus it can be impossible to pinpoint the doll maker, so dolls are described and identified by the type of hairstyle.

As hairstyles changed over the long history of China head doll making, dolls changed too, which gives us a clue to their dating.

She yearns for true love with a profound desire to find a loving, kind hearted Western man that will love her.

She has genuine appreciation of what being part of a loving family is since she refers to her own childhood as being ‘pink’ having been raised by kind, loving parents that nurtured her.

Final word: If you know that they might be the real deal, a date at China Doll is a sure-fire way to make their eyes light up and ensure an intimate setting for a romantic evening.