If you prefer to have TWS auto-update, install one of the updating versions above.

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The Offline installation will not update automatically.

If a new version of TWS is published, you will need to manually download and install the Offline program again.

You need to set the timing to "Allow order to be activated, triggered or filled outside of regular trading hours." You can define this setting from the Timing section of the Order Preset for a specific asset type, or on a per-order basis from the Time in Force field checkbox "Fill outside RTH.".

If outside regular trading hours is not available for the specific order you are submitting, you will not be allowed to populate the checkbox.

If you read about a feature in the TWS Beta notes, you must log into the TWS Beta version to use it.

To find features within TWS, use the "Help/Ticker Lookup" search box in the upper right corner of both Mosaic and Classic TWS.

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