Cyanide can enter water, soil, or air from natural processes, industrial activities, or deliberately to harm people.

Toll-free numbers: English 1-888-246-2675 Spanish 1-888-246-2857 TYY 1-866-874-2646 Email: [email protected] is very rare.

It is an infectious bacterium (germ) that most commonly occurs in hoofed mammals (cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, but can also affect people.

Hunters and farmers should use rubber gloves when handling dead animals.

Caregivers of Brucellosis patients with open wounds should wear gloves.

In all instances, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

A dirty bomb (also called a radiological dispersion device [RDD] is made of explosives, such as dynomite, and radioactive powder or pellets.Bioterrorism is the intentional release of harmful bacteria, viruses or germs.Bioterrorism aims to injure or kill people, cause panic, and disrupt our daily lives.It evaporates and disperses quickly in open places. It prevents the body from getting oxygen so that cells die.First, get fresh air by leaving the area where the cyanide was released.flood, tornado, that include these supplies: Should an emergency event occur, it is important that you listen to the instructions of emergency and public health workers. As a result of the Anthrax outbreaks following the September terrorist attacks, American Social Health Association and the CDC combined efforts to establish a new call and email center to address the concerns of the American public.