Keep in mind dates on things like this can always change, but now it looks like Black Berry Storm 9530 owners will have a chance to "officially" feel OS 5.0 on their Storm1 before they head into the store to decide if they want to buy Storm2!

updating os on blackberry storm-78

A Quick Overview of the Black Berry Storm This is the first Black Berry with a touchscreen, which is 3.25 inches and 360 by 480 pixels.

This display takes the place of the keyboard typically found on RIM models.

For example, a select number of people have a specific driver which Windows asks you to remove in order to upgrade.

Of course, you’ll need to do so in order to continue.

However, because I am connected to my work's Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES), it's not as simple as just getting the 'over the air' upgrade.

Blackberry's connected to corporate email via BES are essentially at the mercy of the company as to what features are allowed and when updates are made available to the phone.Users can expect to start getting deskotp manager and PIN alerts on the 25th, with a fall back day set for Monday, the 26th.Looks like they changed it to be Monday instead of Sunday..which does make sense.The update is approximately 102 MB and should offer several improvements, most notably an overall improvement in the speed of the phone when transitioning between portrait and landscape mode.Additionally, it is said to cut back on the random restarts, address the issue where the user's music would turn to the highest possible setting when someone would call, and no longer mute the phone when voice dialing is used. Expect our updated review soon.via: Slash Phone Not 100% sure but FYI, I think those with BES need to use the download link. But my friend has the Storm and just did the upgrade on it: the change was tiny.The Black Berry Storm is available now from Verizon Wireless, and was recently cut to with a two-year contract.