Please be aware that this is an average payment speed based on previous payment performance and therefore payments can take longer than originally estimated.As this is calculated based on transactions which have been previously paid, it does not include recent transactions which have not yet reached payable status.As Britain’s leading bed specialist, they offer the latest in technology to help ensure you get a great night’s sleep.

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We’re Britain's leading bed specialist, and we’re here for you.

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What we care about most is making sure you get a great night’s sleep.

So from the very latest in sleep technology, to the most stylish designs, our experts can offer you the biggest choice of beds in the country – many made right here in the UK, and all of them at the UK’s lowest prices.

Too often there’s an extra bolt or screw left unused or even missing or the frustration after hours of work that the chest of drawers you assembled don’t quite open and shut as they should.

Dappy's former landlord claimed he left the house 'unfit for humans' following a series of parties at the property, telling the newspaper: 'It's disgusting.

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With 30 years’ experience and a genuine passion for sleep, we’re Britain's leading bed specialist.

We’re totally committed to bringing you comfortable, brilliant-value beds and mattresses – and fantastic customer service too.

Tariq Dag Khan, of Rated, said: 'More and more people are coming to us for help building flat pack furniture, so it seemed sensible to offer this as a new category in itself on the website, to help match our customers with the right tradesmen.'The last thing mum and dad want is more pressure and stress and configuring flat pack furniture is exactly that.