If it is a smokestack, this photo may be misdated, or the introduction of generated power occurred before 1898.

Brian continues: "The Ontario Southern Railway was incorporated within the charter for Crystal Beach Amusement Park in 1897.

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Crystal Beach began as a Chautauqua show area, or religious campground in 1888, much the same as Grimsby Park had several decades earlier.

Crystal Beach was about 60 kilometres southeast of Grimsby, and for the campground at Crystal an auditorium, tents, and picnic grounds were provided.

A "Figure Eight" roller coaster was installed by T. (New information refutes the sale to Erie Beach - see that article for details.) Although several sources state 1915, 1908 may be a possible last season for The "Figure Eight", if it was removed after The "Backety-Back" went in for the 1909 season. Photo research indicates they were on opposite sides of the "Aerial Swings", so they could have run at the same time.

Given that The "Figure Eight" is still mentioned in advertisements for the opening of the 19 seasons, it seems that both were in the park.

The dispatching was ultra-modern for the time with a complete telephone service comprising two phones, one at each end of the road.

In one place, the train actually ran through a tunnel about midway along the route, a short distance from the present Ridgeway cemetery." Here is a view of the Ontario Southern Railroad.

A circa 1910 photo shown farther on, has what appear to be tracks for such a railway.

Regardless, sometime around the turn of the century an Armitage-Herschell carousel with rocking horses was definitely installed. Seen here are three postcards showing the same part of the midway.

The purpose of the railway was to convey passengers to the Park from Ridgeway, where a connection was made with the Grand Trunk trains from Fort Erie and Buffalo.

The Ontario Southern Railway operated only three seasons and for some unknown reason the service was discontinued and the railway was dismantled." Perhaps summer-only service was not enough to be profitable. One source cites the possibility that a miniature train and a carousel were there as early as 1888 or 9.

Note the strings of lights draped across the main path.