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Other institutions that are closely, or at least loosely, involved with PGS include Cal State East Bay, U. Berkeley, San Jose State University, San Francisco State University, the Northern California Geological Society, the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, California Council of Geoscience Organizations, Sonoma State University, U. Lowe, Stanford School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences and Gary R. Geological Survey, "Evolution of the Western North American Paleozoic Passive-Margin Carbonate Platform Through Time and Space and Its Large Reserves of Carbonate-Hosted Gold Deposits" October 10, 2013, Joe Colgan, U. Geological Survey, "Cenozoic Magmatism and Extension in the Northern Great Basin, Western United States" -- Presidential Address May 14, 2013, Mark Zoback, Benjamin M. The seminars and papers will be a great tribute to Ben's geologic heritage. " January 13, 1998, Dave Des Marais, NASA/Ames, "Astrobiology - Understanding life in the Universe" Septermber 16, 1997, David Howell (USGS), Robert Jachens (USGS), Carl Wentworth (USGS), Todd Fitzgibbon (USGS) Clara Chan, (USGS & Stanford), Michelle Roberts (USGS and UCSC), and Skip Pack (Dynamic Graphics, Inc.), "Geologic Mapping for the 21st Century: Buck Rogers to R2D2: GPS/GIS/continuous 3-D geology/and more! Ernst (Stanford Geology), "Eurasian ultrahigh-pressure collisional belts" and J. Liou (Stanford Geology), "New work on the Dabie-Sulu UHP terrane" January 9, 1997 lecture Don De Paolo (U. Berkeley), "Hawaiian scientific drilling project" and Mark Zoback (Stanford Geophysics), "Testing fundamental theories of earthquake mechanics through fault-zone drilling" November, 1996 lecture Simon Clemett, "PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon) from a Martian meteorite" and Jack Farmer, "Implications for life in the solar system" November, 1996 Field Trip "The Diablo Range, Ophiolites, & Metagraywackes", with Russ Evarts, Bob Coleman, and Gary Ernst October, 1996 lecture Magmatic Arc Lower Crust and Volcanism in the Southern Cascades - What's Going On? Dues have been discontinued as we have no expenses; email Mike Diggles to be a PGS member and that will put you on the email list for any events that people may organize.

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Beamer advances to play Kentlake in a winner-to-state game at noon on Saturday at Mount Tahoma High School, trying to make the state tournament for the sixth consecutive season.

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It was from this house that Paul Revere gathered his spurs and riding boots and set off for Lexington.